Do you help with missing dog searches and attend locations?

No. We’re a technology platform that sends details of your missing dog to volunteer drone pilots and search & rescue organisations. Each volunteer is vetted prior to being accepted. We do not attend sites or organise searches.

What happens with my data?

If you report a missing dog, this data is emailed automatically to volunteer drone pilots in the area the dog went missing. After 30 days, your details are deleted from our system. Your data is not sold or passed to any third party and is secured within the UK on Microsoft Azure Infrastructure.

If you sign up as a Pilot, your data is added to our pilots database. This is kept secured within the UK on Microsoft Azure Infrastructure and not sold and shared with third parties. If you wish to be removed, please email [email protected]

Are you a charity or a business?

Neither! We receive no income and do not accept donations and have no outgoings which prevents us registering as a charity.

A pilot has asked for a fee, what do I do?

If a pilot has asked for money following an alert sent by us, please provide us details on [email protected] so we can remove and ban them from the system.

I wish to donate, is this possible?

We do not accept donations and would instead recommend you donate to

Pilots - How do I receive alerts?

When you sign up you select which counties you would like to receive missing dog notifications for, when a dog is reported missing in these locations via our site you are automatically sent an email alert and have the option of contacting the owner if you can help.

Pilots - Can I charge a fee?

No, a condition of joining us and receiving alerts is that all searches are completed free of charge voluntarily.